Thursday, January 8, 2015

Je suis Charlie!

I have been very dedicated to keeping this blog about one thing - climate change. I have resisted all attempts and temptations to make it into something else. But, I feel I have to take a stand on this issue. 

I hope everyone reading this posting is both disgusted and appalled by the cowardly, piggish attack on the journalist at the French magazine Charlie Hebdo. People who attack unarmed people in a manner like this are the very worst of people anywhere. They claim they are worshiping the Prophet Mohammed when in actuality, they are worshiping Satan and evil. These kinds of people must be opposed at all times. Which makes me wonder - why aren't the Muslims stopping these kinds of actions? The very fact they continue makes me think they are just fine with attacks on the 'infidels' and condone the vicious violence.

In that spirit, I am posting the below drawing of Mohammed with his turban in the shape of a bomb about to go off. If Muslims find this offensive, let me tell you, I find their actions offensive. The idea they think they can control the world's free speech because they threaten violence to anyone that defies them is so revolting that I cannot put words to it.

I welcome them to come out here and make me a target. Just one thing - we shoot back in Texas.

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