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A Closer Look at Hospital Prices for Knee Replacements

A Consumer Viewpoint on Discerning Hospital Value for Knee Replacements
This article explains how information from CMS, a government agency can help you decide where to have your next knee replacement. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid provide regular reliable information on hospital safety metrics and pricing, both for gross hospital charges and for net reimbursements. For many health care consumers, it is the gross charge figure which is of concern, because if you have private insurance or God-forbid-are-uninsured, what you actually pay for your health care procedure will be based on this number. Since workers and families are so much more mobile now, it pays for the health care consumer to shop around for the best consumer value.

Presently there are a number of Medicare and federal government initiatives addressing hospital price transparency, so I examined a number of CMS circulars to assess hospital data from 2011 for procedures and prices. The May 2013 CMS circular on Hospital Pricing and Charge Variation to Promote Transparency lists broad disparities in hospital prices for both heart failure and knee transplant procedures.[1]Since the latter is a scheduled surgery and not an emergency procedure, I reviewed all hospital prices, both gross charges and net Medicare reimbursements for the knee surgery for Minnesota, which was mentioned in the article. Then I looked at the same procedure for all hospitals performing it for Washington.

Knee Replacement Surgery
Using the Center for Medicare information for the DRG code 470 for a lower extremity joint replacement, such as a knee transplant, I reviewed the fiscal year 2011 hospital charges and actual reimbursements for all Minnesota hospitals for this procedure.[2]Needless to say there was quite a spread as I identified the facilities that were the best value and then the most expensive hospitals for this procedure.
Best Buy for Knee Replacement
The least expensive facility for which to to have this procedure in the Land-of-a-Ten-Thousand-Lakes, was the Mayo Clinic in Austin, MN which posted a gross charge of $23,430 and was paid $12,820 on average for this procedure. FYI, this was also one of the best deals in the nation, for this procedure. Sure you could go to Ada, Oklahoma and have it done for $5,300, but not with the vaunted  Mayo Clinic quality (which is by the way, organized as a true group practice). Private employers, health care consumers with health savings accounts, and medical tourists may be interested in visiting this facility for a bargain rate knee replacement and Mayo Clinic quality. Other Mayo Clinic prices for the same procedure were: St. Mary’s Hospital which was reimbursed $16,109 and Mayo Clinic in Albert Lee, where the net Medicare reimbursement was $12,933.  Another hospital that did very well in this metric was Lakeview Hospital, which booked $25,009 for the gross charge and $12,591 for the net reimbursement for the knee replacement. Lakeview is part of Healthpartners, a large nonprofit health care group in Minnesota.
Most Expensive for Knee Replacement
The most expensive facility in Minnesota for a knee transplant was the Hennepin County Hospital (a level 1 trauma center) which received a net reimbursement of $23,526 for the procedure. Trauma centers receive special funding because they are designated for the most intensive care and serve a disproportionate share of the region’s poor and disenfranchised.
Though Cambridge Medical Center charged $58,683 for the procedure it only received $13,545 in reimbursement.  Other hospitals charging more than $50,000 for this type of procedure included Abbott Northwestern and Unity Hospital, which are private facilities, and this probably explains the big difference between what they are charging and what they are actually paid by Medicare. Also, all three of these facilities are part of the behemoth Allina Health, which is a nonprofit entity, posting the most expensive prices for knee transplants in the state. For several of these hospitals the average reimbursement for the knee procedure was 25% of their gross procedure charges. Which means that Medicare is not over paying for the procedure, but private insurers and health care consumers will be paying a higher charge here than at other facilities without this huge disparity. This spread between gross charges and net payment is indicative of a national problem and is one of the reasons the Obama Administration is touting hospital pricing transparency, with the Maryland model as a standard. Maryland has the lowest spread between gross charges and actual reimbursements, because of a thirty year old law, as reported in my December article.[3]
Washington-The Evergreen State
Next I reviewed the diagnostic code 470 for knee transplants for all hospitals in Washington State performing this surgery, for data reported in 2011, to identify best buys and the most pricey locations.
Best Buy for Knee Replacement
Washington State’s prices were much more uniform than Minnesota, but the least expensive hospital for the knee replacement, based on the average Medicare reimbursement for the 2011 fiscal year was Overlake Hospital in Bellevue, with a gross charge of $45,672 and a net reimbursement of $13,444. It should be noted that Overlake also scores very well on health quality measures, which can be found on the Medicare site as well. But if you want to look at the gross charges and the net reimbursement, Valley Medical Center in Renton was the top performer, with a low gross charge of $31,753 and a higher net reimbursement of $21,521. This means they have a lower price disparity for this procedure.
Most Expensive Place for Knee Replacement
Harborview Medical Center, which is the regional level 1 trauma center, was the most expensive place for this procedure at $24,298 in net reimbursement and $67,105 in gross charges. But, let’s face it; a trauma center is not your best site for this type of surgery.  The second most expensive place in the state for this procedure was the University of Washington Medical Center, with a gross charge of $31,753 and a net payment of $21,521. Again, this may not be your best choice for this type of procedure, but a great choice for a kidney transplant. The third most expensive place for this procedure was Tacoma General-Allenmore, which is a specialty hospital and does not provide primary trauma center services, with an average charge of $86,022 and an average reimbursement of $17,369.  All of these hospitals are non profit entities but Harborview is funded through state coffers along with the University of Washington.
Crib Notes for Smart Health Care Consumers
Remember, the cost of services for a privately insured or uninsured health care consumer is based on a mark-up of the Medicare reimbursement and the greater the disparity between gross charges and net reimbursement means that difference will come out of the other customer’s payments. So, the private insurance sector will pay more to make up for the Medicare shortfall and all private non-Medicare or Medicaid customers will pay higher prices for the same service. In short, if the gross charges are less for the procedure, you will be at less risk of overpaying for the procedure. For example, Valley Medical Center’s average gross charge for the knee replacement procedure was $31,753 and the net charge to Medicare was $21,521. This is a difference of $10.232, which will in part be paid by private insurers, depending on the contract stipulations. But if you look at Tacoma General-Allenmore’s spread between net reimbursement and gross charges, it is $68,653, which means the private payer has to make up more of this difference somehow.  In other words privately insured customers will experience lower costs at Valley Medical Center for this procedure.

This article was researched using public resources from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid for the 2011 fiscal year, which is the most current information available. To be a wise health care consumer, keep on reading what the healthpolicymaven has to say.


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Acer Iconia B1-A71 - 16 GB

Cheap tablet market is getting festive with the presence of well-known brand, Acer. Although it comes with an affordable price , this tablet is no doubt about its performance . Acer Iconia B1 - A71 is equipped with a Dual Core processor with a speed of 1.2 GHz and the latest operating system Jelly Bean. As an entry-level tablet, the Acer Iconia B1 - A71 is ideal for everyone, from beginners, children to the elderly. You can read ebooks, browse the internet, to watch the video and other multimedia entertainment. With Acer quality is certainly no question about it, the tablet is so the right choice for you who are looking for a tablet with optimal quality but still affordable.

Riveting views

Although it comes with an affordable price, you will not get the quality of the Acer Iconia minimal B1 - A71 . The screen size of 7 " with a resolution of 1024 x 600 , 169 PPI give the appearance of clear, sharp and riveting. Tablet also has a wide viewing angle and sharpness of the screen from various sides. Means you can watch videos, browse the Internet or play games with picture quality more real.

Optimal Performance with Dual Core

For professionals who need a tablet for office work or for your multimedia enthusiasts, you can do it all with the Acer Iconia B1 - A71. The tablet is equipped with a Dual Core processor MediaTek 8317T 1.2GHz speed and 512MB DDR3 RAM gives you the ease and smoothness of doing multitasking.

Latest Android Jelly Bean System 4.1.2

Powered by the latest Android operating system 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, the operating system is amazingly fast and smooth and better graphical display. Equipped also with Google Now that deliver the right information , even before you ask.

Multimedia Features

For multimedia features, the Acer Iconia B1 - A71 is equipped with a 0.3 megapixel front camera for video chat. You can also watch a video or listen to music on this tablet. You also can play 720p video smoothly. In addition, there are also other multimedia features such as audio / video player, Google Play Store, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Messenge, Gmail, Google Maps and others. With 16 GB of internal memory and external memory slot up to 32 GB, you can store and enjoy a wide range of favorite content on the tablet.


You can surf the internet with WiFi connectivity have been provided on this tablet. There is also Bluetooth v3.0 connectivity very quickly used to wirelessly exchange data at close range.
Price : 999,000 RP, if interested please purchase at the online store

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Jam tangan bagus Samsung Galaxy Gear

 Perangkat aksesoris seperti Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch bukanlah yang pertama kali bagi Samsung untuk ponsel Android. Sebelumnya, Samsung mengembangkan sebuah jam tangan yang dapat di hubungkan dengan ponsel Android bernama LiveView. Smartwatch tak hanya berfungsi sebagai penunjuk waktu namun lebih dari itu seperti menampilkan notifikasi telepon dan melakukan kontrol sederhana. Tak ketinggalan pula notifikasi dari Twitter dan update facebook, serta kontrol musik dan panggilan tak terjawab juga disematkan pada Samsung Smartwatch. Tersedia juga beberapa pilihan warna strap yang lain.

Desain Simpel

Jam tangan Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch memiliki desain yang simpel dengan layar berjenis AMOLED dan tombol daya dibagian samping unit. Dengan ukuran yang tidak terlalu besar, sesuai dengan pergelangan tangan Anda. Jam tangan ini memiliki permukaan bagian depan berwarna hitam dengan bingkai logam mengkilap. Dengan tali jam dan jepit membuat Anda lebih mudah dalam mengganti tali jam dengan warna yang lebih menarik.

Baterai Tahan Lama

Untuk baterai Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch, jam tangan ini mampu bertahan sekitar cukup lama selama pemakaian aktif. Jam ini menggunakan baterai non-removable yang tidak dapat dilepas, sehingga Anda dapat mengisi ulang hanya dengan menancapkan kabel USB ke port yang telah disediakan.

Fitur Menarik
Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch selain dengan fungsi utamanya sebagai penunjuk waktu, jam tangan ini dapat digunakan sebagai perlengkapan hands-free pada smartphonenya, memungkinkan Anda untuk mengakses musik, atau mengambil foto pada ponsel dari jarak jauh. Untuk menggunakan jam ini secara penuh, Anda terlebih dahulu menguhubungkan dengan ponsel Android menggunakan bluetooth 4.0 LE dan NFC. Juga terdiri dari prosesor dual-core 1.5GHz Samsung Exynos 54112 dengan dilengkapi kamera 2MP, dan diperkuat OS Android 4.1 atau 4.

Untuk informasi detail dan harga silahkan kunjungi lazada


http://jobfair-online.blogspot.comAsus US X200CA-KX186D hadir dengan desain yang kompak dan dikemas dengan layar berukuran 11.6". Dengan bobot dibawah 3 kg, Asus menyertakan berbagai teknologi yang hanya terdapat pada produknya seperti SonicMaster, Instan On, juga Ice Cool.

Kinerja Optimal

Laptop ini didukung dengan prosesor Dual Core 1007 berkecepatan 1.5 GHz, memori 2 GB RAM akan memberikan kemudahan bagi Anda dalam mengerjakan pekerjaan yang multitasking. Untuk grafisnya dibekali dengan Intel HD Graphics 4000. Dengan kapasitas memori penyimpanan 500 GB, Anda memiliki ruang penyimpanan yang cukup besar untuk menyimpan berbagai data berharga Anda.

Asus SonicMaster
Teknologi terbaru dari Asus yaitu Asus SonicMaster yang digabungkan dengan AudioWizard ASUS yang ekslusif memberikan pengalaman hiburan audio yang menakjubkan. Suara yang lebih besar dan bass yang lebih kaya melalui speaker terintegrasinya menyediakan pengalaman audio yang terbaik dikelasnya.

Instant On
Dibekali dengan kemampuan Instant On dari Asus, Anda tidak perlu menunggu lama saat menghidupkan laptop. Instant On adalah mode Sleep yang dapat langsung menya dalam waktu 3 detik walaupun dalam keadaan Sleep selama lebih dari 21 hari dalam mode baterai.

Teknologi IceCool
Dengan rancangan motherboard dua sisi penghasil panas, jauh dari jangakauan Anda. Dengan heat pipe dan kipas suhu palm rest dan area pengetikan sehingga suhu laptop akan terasa lebih dingin, walaupun digunakan dengan waktu yang lama.

Asus seri ini telah didukung webcam kualitas HD sehingga Anda dapat melakukan webchatting dengan kualitas gambar yang tajam dan jernih. Untuk berselancar di internet tersedia konektivitas WiFi 802.11b/g/n ataupun melalui LAN. Anda dapat berbagi file dengan perangkat digital melalui port USB 3.0 yang dapat mentrasnfer data 10x lebih cepat, 2x port USB 2.0, HDMI, VGA serta card reader.

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Moden Super Cepat ZTE Modem MF 90 Bolt

www.jobfair-online.blogspot.comWifi Bolt MF90 merupakan router portabel nirkabel yang menggunakan baterai dan didesain untuk kenyamanan penggunaan berkoneksi internet bagi Anda yang memiliki mobilitas tinggi. Dengan router ini Anda dapat menikmati berbagi data atau file kapan pun dan dimanapun Anda berada.

Frekuensi & Kecepatan
Modem ini juga menggunakan jaringan 4G LTE 230 MHz, sehinga Anda juga dapat mengakses internet dengan kecepatan download 72 Mbps sehingga ketika Anda melakukan streaming video tidak ada buffering. Anda dapat berbagi pengguna sampai 8 pengguna.

Beragam Fitur Menarik
Router ini merupakan pilihan yang tepat dalam mendukung aktivitas Anda yang mobile, dengan perangkat laptop atau notebook yang kompatibel kemanapun Anda pergi. Selain menawarkan koneksi yang cepat, modem ini juga dapat Anda gunakan secara bebas tanpa colok listrik karena baterai 2300 mAh yang dapat di isi ulang.

Wifi Bolt MF90 kompatibel dengan Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7,Windows 8,Mac OS X 10.5,Mac OS X 10.6,Mac OS X10.7,Mac OS X10.8 atau pun OS diatasnya. Dengan fitur easy plug, Anda dapat langsung menghubungkannya ke laptop atau PC dan berjelajah di internet.

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Samsung Galaxy Grand i9082 - 8 GB - Putih

Samsung memperkenalkan smartphone terbarunya Samsung Galaxy Grand yang hadir dengan layar sentuh berukuran 5 inci. Dibekali dengan prosesor Dual-core 1.2 GHz serta memori RAM 1 GB untuk kemudahan melakukan berbagai pekerjaan dan hiburan multimedia. Samsung Galaxy Grand mendukung jaringan HSDPA 21 Mbps dan Wi-Fi untuk berinternet dengan cepat, serta Bluetooth v4.0 untuk terhubung dengan berbagai perangkat Bluetooth.

Kamera Resolusi Tinggi
Samsung Galaxy Grand dilengkapi dengan kamera depan beresolusi 8 MP yang mampu menangkap gambar resolusi tinggi untuk foto dan video. Anda dapat merekam video dengan kualitas Full HD beresolusi 1920 x 1080 pada 30 fps. Dengan kemampuan mengatur resolusi pada kamera ini sehingga memudahkan penyesuaian jumlah kapasitas pemakaian untuk setiap file video. Kamera belakang dilengkapi dengan LED flash yang mampu memberi penerangan ketika Anda melakukan pengambilan gambar pada situasi minim cahaya. Selain kamera belakang, terdapat kamera depan beresolusi 2 MP yang dapat Anda gunakan untuk melakukan panggilan video atau sekedar memotret foto sendiri.

Fitur Tambahan
Samsung Galaxy Grand dilengkapi dengan fitur Auto Focus, Geo-tagging, Touch Focus serta Face Detection. Selain itu terdapat fitur image stabilizer dan smile detector yang membantu Anda menangkap gambar dengan baik. Aplikasi image editor pada smartphone ini membantu memperkaya hasil jepretan foto Anda yang kemudian bisa Anda pamerkan kepada teman atau keluarga Anda melalui media jejaring sosial.
Untuk mendukung penggunaan, Samsung Galaxy Grand dilengkapi dengan baterai Lithium-Ion berkapasitas 2100 mAh. Baterai dapat bertahan seharian dengan penggunaan yang normal untuk mendengarkan musik, menonton video atau mengambil gambar.

Layar Sentuh 5 Inci
Samsung Galaxy Grand dilengkapi dengan layar sentuh berukuran 5 inci yang memiliki resolusi 480 x 800 piksel. Dengan kedalaman 16 juta warna, pastinya membuat tampilan layar menjadi cerah dan nyaman dilihat. Mendukung kemampuan multi-touch yang memudahkan dan mengoptimalkan pengoperasian di lingkungan sistem operasi Android.

Penyimpanan & Konektivitas
Samsung Galaxy Grand memiliki kapasitas penyimpanan internal sebesar 8 GB yang dapat Anda perluas menggunakan kartu microSD hingga 64 GB. Smartphone ini mendukung koneksi internet 2G dan 3G serta Wi-Fi yang memudahkan Anda memilih koneksi. Terdapat A-GPS dan GLONASS yang dapat Anda padukan dengan Google Maps untuk memandu arah ketika berada di suatu lokasi.

harga : RP 3.329.000

sumber : lazada

Haraga dan Spesifikasi Advan Vandroid S5H - 4 GB - Putih

Bagi Anda yang ingin mengetahui harga dan spesifikai Phablet Advan Vandroid S5H merupakan sebuah phablet yang dilengkapi oleh fitur Dual SIM, dimana Anda bisa mensisipi dua buah kartu dalam satu ponsel. Phablet android persembahan dari brand Advan ini menggunakan sistem operasi android versi terbaru yaitu OS Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean.

Sebagai prosesor dalam phablet ini, Advan S5H menggunakan chipset Quad-core dengan clock speed 1.2GHz serta didukung RAM 512 MB plus storage 4 GB serta tambahan slot microSD berkapasitas maksimal 32GB. Jika anda memiliki banyak file foto serta lagu maka Anda bisa menyimpannya dalam jumlah banyak tanpa harus khawatir kekurangan ruang penyimpanan.

Sistem Android Terbaru Jelly Bean 4.1.2
Didukung dengan sistem operasi terbaru Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, sistem operasi ini luar biasa cepat dan mulus dan menampilkan grafis lebih baik. Dilengkapi juga dengan Google Now yang memberikan informasi yang tepat, bahkan sebelum Anda tanya.

2 Buah Kamera
Terdapat dua buah kamera di dalam phablet Advan Vandroid S5H,  kamera utama beresolusi 8 MP, sedangkan kamera sekundernya  beresolusi sebesar 2 MP dan terletak pada bagian depan. Dapat dipastikan kualitas foto yang dihasilkan akan tajam dan jernih.

Spesifikasi Advan Vandroid S5H - 4 GB - Putih
Ukuran (L x W x H cm)     1x1x1
Berat (kg)     1
Ukuran Layar (in)     5.0
RAM     512
Kapasitas Penyimpanan     4
Sistem Operasi     Android
Fitur     Bluetooth|Wi-Fi|Touchscreen
Kamera Belakang     8
Kamera Depan     2
Kapasitas Baterai     1700 mAh
Tipe Memory Card     microSD
SIM     Dual SIM
COD Not Available     1

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National Review of Mandates for Disclosure of Hospital Charges

Do you know what your doctor charges? What will your surgery cost? How does that hospital’s fee  compare to other facilities with comparable outcomes? Consumer driven health care means the health care purchaser seeks information, chooses the treatment facility, and pays for part or all of the cost, using publicly available information. This is referred to as health care transparency and last month’s article was on hospital price transparency. This article reviews the type of information that is available to health care purchasers and what some states are doing to promote public disclosure for the cost of health services.

Look at the Nation
According to the National Center for State Legislatures. March 18, 2013 Report Card on State Price Transparency Laws, the following states have passed laws mandating disclosure of hospital pricing information[1]:
California-exempts small and rural hospitals and only requires a written copy of hospital charges on site for health care practitioner or facility charges, which may be posted on the hospital’s web site.
Colorado-disclosure on web site of practitioner or facility charges and actual reimbursements and is managed through the division of insurance
Illinois-disclosure via a written copy of charges must be available on site of practitioner or facility and be available on a website for the Consumer Guide to Care
Iowa-disclosure on web site of practitioner or facility charges and coordinated by the state hospital association
Kentucky-disclosure on web site of practitioner and facility charges
Maine-partial disclosure of practitioner or facility charges and actual reimbursements upon request
Massachusetts-disclosure on web site of practitioner and facility charges and actual reimbursements
Minnesota- partial disclosure on web site of practitioner or facility charges and actual reimbursements and coordinated by the commissioner of health in cooperation with the state hospital association
Nevada-disclosure on web site of both practitioner or facility charges
New Hampshire-disclosure on web site (under development) of both practitioner and facility charges and actual reimbursements, using HEDIS data
South Dakota- disclosure on web site of both practitioner or facility charges and reports to the Association of Health Care Organizations
Utah-disclosure on web site of practitioner and facility charges and reported under Utah Pricepoint
Vermont-disclosure on web site of practitioner and facility charges and coordinated through the Office of the Insurance Commissioner
Virginia- disclosure on web site of practitioner and facility charges and is coordinated through the Office of the Insurance Commissioner
Wisconsin-disclosure on web site of practitioner or facility charges

Home State View
Washington State is not among the states which mandate health care providers make price information available to the public. This is the reason, former Congressman and current Governor, Jay Inslee is advocating for a health care price transparency law in Washington State. His approach is to require the insurance companies to disclose what they actually pay for services, which they are loath to do.  It would be easier to have the hospital’s disclose what they charge as they already have to do that for Medicare and all reimbursement formulas impact their budgeting. This disclosure would allow the public to compare ranges of price and quality information. And, as cited in the December article on hospital transparency, there are other ways to find out about actual reimbursement.
The disparity between hospital gross charges and the actual reimbursements are discussed in Unraveling U.S. Health Care-A Personal Guide, which is currently ranked in the Amazon top 50 for health care and medicine books. For more information go to:

Clinical Quality Compared to Price
Also, with regard to the quality of care issue raised by those concerned about price transparency, first I used this government tool to review clinical outcomes or health care quality information. Secondly, I compared it to Medicare reimbursement or price information for common treatments at facilities which voluntarily report patient safety information to the Leapfrog Group, a nonprofit patient safety group. The first analysis included non-pediatric hospitals that scored 100% for five out of the seven patient safety criteria for the current Leapfrog Group annual survey[2]. None of Washington’s hospitals scored a perfect seven or a perfect six for the applicable safety criteria. Finally, the review also incorporates hospitals which reported to Leapfrog, but didn’t make the 100% for four out of seven criteria.

Hospitals which scored 100% for five of the seven Leapfrog criteria and include the Medicare Score:
Northwest Hospital-Heart failure deaths were worse than the national average and this facility was also  4% more expensive than the state average.
Virginia Mason Medical Center-Had fewer deaths from pneumonia, was equal to the national average for heart attack and heart failure deaths, and  the cost of care was 3% more than the state average.

Hospitals which scored 100% for four of the seven Leapfrog criteria and include the Medicare Score:
Evergreen-The rate of death for any of the three conditions was equal to the national average and the cost of care was 2% over the state average.
Kadlec-The rate of death for heart failure patients was worse than the national average and the cost of care was equal to the national average, making this some of the most expensive health care in the state.
Multicare-Good Samaritan-The rate of death from pneumonia was worse than the national average but the other metrics were equal and the cost of care is 1% higher than the state average.
Swedish(First Hill)-Had rates of death from pneumonia, heart failure, and heart attack equal to the national average and was equal to the statewide average cost of care. The Cherry Hill facility was 7% more expensive than the state average cost of care for these criteria.
University of Washington Hospital-The rates of death for any of the listed conditions were no different than the national average and though the facility was less expensive than the national average it was 4% more expensive than the state average.

Sampling of Hospitals which did not make the Leapfrog 100% criteria grade for at least four components
Allenmore (Tacoma General, Multicare)- Hospital-Rates of death are equal to the national average but the cost of care is 2% more expensive than the state average.
Harborview-The clinical results are equal to the national average for these metrics but the cost of care is 6% higher, probably reflecting the intensive care this regional trauma center provides.
Harrison Medical Center-Rates of death from heart failure are equal to the national average, but cost of care was 5% more expensive than the state average per Medicaid patient.
Overlake Medical Center-Though the rates of death for any of the criteria were equal to the national average, it is 3% more expensive to be treated here than the statewide average cost per Medicaid patient.
 For a state by state analysis of what the rest of the nation is doing for patient safety, go to chapter seven of Unraveling U.S. Health Care, yourpersonal guide.

In conclusion, Washington State is not currently a leader in health care transparency for hospital costs nor in patient safety as it does not require public disclosure of the true cost of care nor does it reveal hospital patient safety events to the general public, by facility, as other states do. If we are going to be engaged in consumer driven health care, we must insist on adding these components to our scorecard
And this is the healthpolicmaven signing off.