Friday, August 22, 2014

Thermal Emissions

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Any thermal combustion will contribute to a release of thermal energy. You argument, no matter how you twist it, will always be positive as thermal emissions contribute to the heating of the surroundings. It's basic thermodynamics.

The extent in which global warming is "man-made", however, doesn't quite make any sense. The world has continued to go through natural cycles of heating and cooling long before our proposed existence. If ice-ages have occurred long before man-kind, what factors would have caused the periodic flux of global temperatures? Could not have been man-kind.

As the good old saying states, "correlation does not mean causation". As said, combustion of fuels will release thermal energy. The more thermal energy we produce will heat the surroundings. But as CO2 emissions arise, which have a lower specific heat than air [1], thermal energy cannot be trapped as effectively as air. These emissions are the cause of global warming. They may even result in a global cooling. You will need CO2 to be as "thick as glass" in order to trap heat it deflects solar rays to the Earth. Furthermore, we prefer air, copper, and other materials with a higher specific heat to cool our electronics.

Although we see a correlation between CO2 emissions and global change in these periodic cycles, current changes to our CO2 concentrates do not follow the trend. CO2, and other greenhouse gases are not significant variables to these periodic cycles.

Anyways, as your question states "cause of Global-Warming", there are hundreds of alternatives available that will release thermal energy, and thus, as stated here and above, man-kind is not the "cause" of global warming. You’re asking a trick question. Man-kind did not exist prior to these cycles that resorted in "global warming". However, if you want to point out simple thermodynamics, sure, you're right on the grounds that man-kind, when we combust materials/fuel, it will expel thermal energy into the environment. Good on yeah.

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The more conversations we have over this topic will help bring some light. It’s merely beneficial; but it would be appreciated, given the ethical conduct of your discipline, that you uphold to your disciplines standards in its discussion.
Your submission illustrates the issue of so many misconceptions on global warming.
It is not the heat of emissions that is causing global warming. What is causing global warming is the atmosphere is becoming more efficient at trapping heat that would normally be radiated out into space. The amount of energy added to the atmosphere by all of humanity's activities is trivial in comparison to the amount of energy coming in from the Sun. We have increased the efficiency of the atmosphere to trap heat by about 1%. That amount of extra solar energy trapped every day is equal to about 100 years of energy released by man. 
You really didn't even address the question, so, no, you did not prove man made global warming is not real.

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